Prepare for the difficult (financiall, health wise..), when it is easy.

Consider adopting the Shaolin Monks’ mentality. Based on that, everything bad*t happens is your fault, even if – for example – you get robbed or mugged.

Being robbed is not your fault, but in this extreme example, if you think that you could have trained and defended yourself and potentially avoided the robbery, that’ll put you in a mindset of preparation and improvement, as well increase the chances to better succeed next time.

Prepare financially

Save money when you have it, so at the next crisis or job loss, you’ll be prepared.
If you can’t afford rent, it’s your fault too, as you are wasting money on luxury or living beyond your means.

Prepare health-wise

Train your body when you are young, you’ll need muscles for when you are old, and it’ll be difficult to develop them in older age.
Diabetes and obesity are your faults because you didn’t eat well and exercise.


  • Do not put off tomorrow, what you can do today“– Ben Franklin
  • You must prepare for the dark clouds” John Wooden (famous basketball coach)

(Inspired from Tai Lopez step 14: “The Shaolin Monk & Touching An Electric Fence”)

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