Integrate work, holidays, gym, health and other areas instead of compartmentalize them

Society unnecessarily compartmentalizes parts of our life: work (9-5 Mon-Fri), family (evening and weekend), health and gym (e.g. twice a week after work), spare time (e.g. 2h before bed), holidays (1 month in August).
What you could do instead:

  • Integrate work with what you like, and integrate work with your spare time
  • Integrate health as part of your daily life, not just every other day (e.g. cycle to work, or do a push-up, weight whilst waiting for code to compile, or colleague being late);
  • Start a business with a friend to ingrate friends with work;
  • Don’t just live during holiday, try to integrate the good part of a holiday into daily life;
  • Have a small gym in the house to do quick workout whilst doing something else;
  • Try to make your spare time as close as possible to your daily life;
  • Split a 60 minutes twice-a-week workout into a less-than-20-minutes daily one.

Ask yourself what areas of your life are not integrated, and take an action to integrate them (e.g. )

(inspired by Tai Lopez Step 8 – The Integrated Good Life & The Four Pillars of Eudaimonia)

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