Don’t stay too safe, it’s a false economy. Risks bring reward. Being lazy brings unhappiness

The system around us is like a cage around a monkey. We can’t be happy inside, and it’s necessary to step out into the jungle.

The jungle is risky, but after risk comes reward, and reward it’s necessary for the good life, especially nowadays with countless opportunities to take loans, connect to others, get funded, and – in case of failure – be sustained by the government for bankruptcy and basically zero risks to be seen as a failure from other people on the street as things mainly happen online.

The most unhappy people are the ones that feel their life is out of their control. Only sloth and unreliability will ruin your life.

Innovate, be creative, persistent, repeat and practice.

A related reading is “Chose Yourself” by James Altucher : (About controlling your dreams and not passively waiting for them to happen).

(inspired by Tai lopez Step 7 – Martin Seligman’s Salary Slave and Learned Helplessness)

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