Copy habits from people that already achieved your goals

You need to observe, ask questions to look for truth, and be able to recognize behavioral patterns that make a person around you rich instead of poor, fit instead of fat, eloquent instead of anxious, loving instead of hating.
Pick a person you admire for a specific trait that you want to learn, and look at his/her habits, how he asks for information, how he plans the day, how they behave in different environments (work, friends, social events).
Write that information down to help you revise, think about it, in order to start repeating some behaviors.
Examples of things to look at:

  • time spent playing videogames, in the gym, socializing, on social media, complaining, reading books, blogging, going to events/conferences
  • bed and wake-up time
  • dress style
  •  handshake
  • reacting to negative events and failures
  • what they talk about: themselves or others, complaining, opinions, positive or negative mindset?People living near successful people often repeat what they hear ( ‘Cameron Diaz’s parrot’ concepts), so staying close and observing might help to achieve your target goal.

(inspired by Tai Lopez step 5: My Poor Friends & Cameron Diaz’s)

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