You must be inwardly humble in order to seek for answers and grow

You have to be inwardly (not necessarily outwardly) humble, to live a good life.
Humility will make us admit that we don’t know the answer, and make us seek knowledge from others. Without it, we are stuck where we are.

Follow the example of Sam Walton -(Wallmart founder), a billionaire whom who crawled around the floor to measure his competition in Brazil (and arrested for it), because he wanted to know if they know something, that he didn’t know.
Be like a kid asking questions. Don’t be afraid if in the past asking questions led to a bad experience.

Also follow the example of Michal Jordan, outside cocky but inwardly humble, often described very coachable, listening to coaches and other players a lot. His constantly practicing and improving, constantly learning and seeking made him the champion he his.

(inspired by Tai Lopez step3: Sam Walton’s Night in a Brazilian Jail, Stealing from McDonald’s & Michael Jordan’s Humility)

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