Random tips and quotes about mindset – April 2019

  • You don’t need to demonstrate anything to anyone
  • Negative experiences help to grow.
  • Beautiful or ugly, Winning or Losing, Success or Loss: they are all relative. They depends on the the person looking at them
  • Don’t control fear, just face it, little by little therefore developing courage. A technique could be imagining the worst, so that you are already “trained” to face it [Dr. Filippo Ongaro]
  • Loneliness means not being  comfortable with your own company [Russel Brand]
  • Stop watching the news every day to remove the bombardment of negativity that drives a perception of chaos, fear and anxiety.
  • Express gratitude daily. Happiness is a habit
  • Eat well. If you had a million dollar horse, you’d not feed him with junk food and beer. Do the same with your body
  • Exercise daily: if you don’t exercise or somehow physically exert yourself (which typically causes a mild high akin to ejaculating, if done properly), you’ll start to act differently: you’ll be less agitated and irritable.
  • Smile at everyone you see, the first time you see them, every day.
  • Reach out to one friend or relative, each day
  • Our happiness and excitement is in learning and experiencing something new. It is in living each day as if it was your first.
  • Don’t control every detail, focus on what you have (not to what you don’t have), follow your heart, forget your past, take responsibility without pointing finger and enjoy the  present
  •  Gratitude is the most important key to success. It has been called the mother of all virtues.

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