Life in the UK, notes and events

I’ve decided to publish some notes I took for the “life in the UK” exam, needed for the UK citizenship.

There are some notes around the history of the country, in tables that help understand what happened, especially in the last century.


  • Stone, Bronze, Iron age
  • Romans, Anglosaxons, Vikings,
  • Middle ages: domesday book, Pale (Dublin), Magna Carta, Parliaments, Black death, Agincourt battle, War of Roses
  • Henry VII and his 6 wives, Protestants
  • Civil wars, Corpus Act, Bill of Rights
  • Enlightenment, Act of Union, Battle of Trafalgar, Battle of Waterloo, Emancipation act
  • Victorian Age, Modern Era, WW1, WW2, Thatcher, Blair

You can read it, but not change and distribute without my permission.


Web format, or download the PDF (26 pages)

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