What Nazism, Communism, a footbal match and Brexit have in common

  • A mass movement – such as Communism, Nazism, French and American revolution, Brexit Leavers/Remainers  or even a country supporting their national footbal team – needs
  • An enemy (Jews, or a foreign population, or immigrants – historically a sure bet, or the EU used for) Brexit,
  • Somethingt feel united for (same origins, nationality, traits or even the same haircut and outfit in an army)
  •  leaderable to channel the frustration of the masses (e.g. Unemployment in Germany after WW1, or the football captain, or a populist politician) that indoctrinate the population (Nazi and Communist long operas aiming at affect people’s rationality, or documentaries and catchy political slogans)
  • Understandable promises of better conditions (more jobs, less taxes, more money to NHS).

Members of a group feel empowered and supported by each other, feeling to be part of something great, and that generates a big power.

Historically, Short mass movements (French and American Revolution) tends to lead to positive outcome (e.g. democracy), whereas long ones (Nazism and Fascism ) often lead to stalled creativity and development,  leading to their failure to keep their promises.

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