How to save money, in London or everywhere

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 00.42.52Last year I wrote an answer on  QuoraHow can I save money in London.

Not a popular searched question, as it’s specific to London, but – at the time of reading – I have the most amount of upvotes. Since that was useful for some users, I’ll re-elaborate it and making more general.

I mentioned aiming at a mortgage instead of renting. That’s specific to London as (at least before Brexit), it was a good deal considering the massive yearly rise of inhabitants. In another city that could not be the case, especially in a countryside town where people are leaving and price might drop in a few years.

Then I mentioned transports, a bit expensive in London, due to the nature of the city, where the majority of the jobs are concentrated in a few km square, and the transports come out at a cost. In other countries and cities, buying a car could actually be a better investment, with which you have no constraints on where to live, and therefore saving on rent by getting the best deal.

Tips about food and restaurants are specific for London, but in general it’s true that is ways better to plan your meal in advance, and go at the big supermarkets upfront, rather than rushing into a small local place and buy overpriced and generally lower quality food.

Last: if you use Monzo, you can review your expenses in categories, to review monthly and better examine better your habits. And finding out you are a compulsive amazon shopper like me !

Few books on the topic:


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