Quick fat-burning routine with a barbell only

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 14.32.35If you like me, prefer routines to just running, watch this video with a routine suggested by Vince del Monte, google him and watch his videos if you are interested in the subject. Compared to simple cardio, this kind of strength workouts helps more keeping lean mass, testosterone and avoid raises in cortisol due to long runs. More details on the subject here.

Mode: strong, fast and explosive, with a barbell in a rack with the same weight.

Round (no rest between exercises). Don’t change the order!

  • Military press (=overhead shoulder press) standing. Keep core strong. 6 reps
  • Front squat (keep the barbell on the rack). 7 reps
  • Bent over rows. 8 reps
  • deadlifts: 9 reps
  • back squat (barbell on the neck): 10 reps

Weight: choose a weight with which you can do at least 10 rounds in 20 minutes (a round in 2 minutes average)

Repeat every week, add 5kg more every week. You need to, to get results you must make the body inefficient and force to adapt.

Vince can do 10 rounds in 28 minutes with 52Kg, can you beat him? no, you can’t 🙂

Here is a book from Vince Del Monte

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