How to schedule your day, and stay motivated when working from home

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 15.39.07What helps me working from home and stay motivated:

  • Establishing a routine that resembles the one you had at the office is crucial. Eat at 1pm, coffee at 2p, home at 6pm
  • Pomodoro time work methodology is suggested lots of times, but in my case, I have 10 mins or 60 mins tasks, so  I personally plan the day ahead with todoist, prefixing the task with the allocated number of minutes. When I start a task, I start a timer and I then see if the task actually took the time I thought. If I finish earlier, I rest for 5 mins, if not, I’ll get better next time at estimating and better plan my days. Read the GTD book if you haven’t already, good starting point.
  • Don’t oversaturate your day, leave time for breaks and study, research, general improvements, they’ll pay off. Even spending some minutes learning keyboard shortcuts is better than nothing;
  • Switch off your phone, chats (if you can), notifiers. No kitten will die if you don’t answer for 30 minutes. No distractions!
  • Work out in the morning, or simply walk to work (and take advantage of the time listening to a podcast or youtube-downloaded videos in audio format). More energy for the day. Lifting weight might make you think you’ll feel more tired, but in reality, it has the opposite effect. Try at least once and discover yourself;
  • Eat well, and prefer tea to coffee. I still don’t do that, I’m Italian after all, but I force myself not to have more than 2 coffees a day. I need to try some loose leaf tea, I heard it has better taste than normal tea. Or you can try this from Tim Ferris (sorry Tim, I love your books, but that looks like washing up liquid, lol);
  • Tasks order: Starting a big one first makes sure you do important things first, but on the other hand, doing lots of small easy tasks first helps your motivation making you feel you’ve done a lot in a short time. Try and see what works for you. What works for me is doing what I feel like next. If I really don’t feel like doing a big task, then I’ll do it the day after and replace with alternative tasks,  more enjoyable or of a different kind. I think it’s important our listen to our body conditions, e.g. start developing something complicate when tired will probably mean destroy and re-do the day after. And it’s also important not to be too harsh with planning as long we achieve most of it;

Other minor tips I read and I find partially useful:

  • Get up early in the morning, unless you have friends that invite you to a late dinner, or you just love staying up at nights, without kids on the nursery school in front of your window;
  • If you work from home, wear the same clothes you wear as you go out;
  • Go to tech meetups, social events and extend your network;
  • regular exposure to daylight (as opposed to fluorescent lighting) can lead to increased work satisfaction, productivity, and well-being. London’ sun is not powerful enough: click here
  • Have a mentor, you can find people online as well, lots of great youtuber and blogger online

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