Sleep cycles and how to sleep better – quick notes

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 23.52.36Sleep cycles

  • We sleep in 90 minutes average cycles;
  • Sleeping in a middle of a cycle makes us feel tired. Alarms not good for that;
  • Sleeping 4 cycles means feeling better rested than 8.5 cycles (8 + an interrupted one), as explained in The Owner’s Manual for the Brain book;
  • Find a way that works for you to wake up at the end of the cycle, use an alarm only as emergency.

Sunlight exposure

  • Vitamin D reduces fatigue. At least 4000 IU, easily reachable by being exposed to the sun;
  • Better to get exposed directly to sunlight.

Lack of exercise

  • our bodies are designed to move, no need to work you but at least walk 20 mins a day;


  • Our nervous system contains adenosine, that regulates our sleep/wake cycles. Coffee interferes with that and makes you feel more energetic. If you take it regularly, your body upregulates, produces more adenosine receptors. That means you’ll need more and more coffee with time. Drinking more water helps to reduce the effect.
  • Don’t take it later than 6h before bed
  • Drink loose leaf tea, more flavour than normal tea. Contains less caffeine

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