Money management: where to put your earned money. Advice

According to this video, apart from necessities (bills, rent, transports, food),  part of your money should go into:

  1. long term savings. Low interests rate (normally below inflation), but withdrawable for emergencies such as job loss or recessions.
  2. financial freedom
  3. education (best investment, courses, seminars, books)
  4. fun (holiday, clothes, eat out)
  5. giving away, to teach you mind you live in a state of abundance, make you feel happy

Percentages for 1) and 2) are up to you, and how much you earn.

The video suggest allocating 10% on education, and 10% on fun, and 5% on giving away.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 14.28.47

I’d suggest also 5% on bitcoins 🙂

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