Android: download all your “watch later” videos

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 16.03.24If you – like me – need to watch youtube video offline on the plane, here is a way of bulk-download all of your “watch later” video into your  android device (Table or phone).

  1. Edit your watch later playlist, Click on the 3 dots (top right), then select “Add all to” and create a new playlist (e.g. named “temp”)
  2. Open youtubemate (free app for android) and open your “temp” playlist (either login and find it, or opening the playlist public link) and download all the videos

In case your videos already belong to a playlist, just do step 2 of course. I just find useful to click the “watch later” button when selecting videos to watch.

Cleanup (optional)

  1. reopen the watch later list. You might want to delete all the videos if you are planning to watch them in your android device. If so, the interface doesn’t have a bulk operation to delete them all, but after you click on “play all”, the delete (trash) icon is almost instant and faster than the the tablet/phone
  2. delete the “temp” playlist, or rename as “sent to table on the d/m/Y”

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