image Software engineer career. Why I’d not change it

Software development is a great job. Never would I change it to become a:

* Sysadmin. Too distant from reality and potentially stressful if not done properly (docker or provisioning, AWS etc). A bit of it already done by developers.

* Project manager. Computers are more satisfying than people for me at the moment. They do what I program them for. And there is endless margin to improvement without depending on anyone nor anything. Less anger, envy, ego; there is enough of that outside the working environment.

* Product owner. I’d not have motivation to fight everyone with my ideas, and patient enough to wait for data validation. Only exception if the company is my startup. But I’d give the whole thing up unless the idea is particularly exciting or promising

* QA. Building is simply more exciting than testing. I do that already when writing tested code and automated test suites. I do not want to test the whole day. But I’d not be that bad under certain conditions.

* Designer. Too much of what I do would be evaluated by an human often-unfair opinion. 10y ago I built sites for small clients often changing their mind. “I want a site with red background and blinking links, but I also want it clean like an online newspaper”. Yeah, perfectly clear, thank you.

* Software architect. Depends on how is done. Part of it is already done by a (good no-ego reliable) software engineer. Planning software architecture along with the business unclarity could be painful and at risk of messing thing up badly and have small margin of correction and fun.

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