Useful tools to find an area to live in London

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Illustreets offers a very useful tool to immediately find an area to live. It offers a map browsing tool where areas (detailed at the street level) have all the following informations:

  • Crime rates
  • Asking price
  • Rent/month
  • Age group
  • Type of houses (flats or houses)
  • House tenure (rent / owned / social rent)
  • Walking distance to nearest GP
  • Walking distance to nearest hospital
  • Walking distance to nearest supermarket

Another similar tool, from the metropolitan police, displays crime rate maps. You can filter by crime type, compare close areas and see trends.

An article about best areas to live in London. It doesn’t mention all of them, but it gives an idea. This one more detailed for young professional (useful in case they decide to stay after the brexit :D).







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