How to download MP3s from youtube (playlist or single video) into Windows/MacOsX/Linux


  1. Install youtube-dl
  2. create a script like this one. Suggestion: add it to your Dropbox directory along with your MP3 files

    # This scripts downloads MP3 from youtube playlist "2MP3", it also open the page and moves them if ok

    echo “Downloading and convert $PLAYLIST (silent mode) …”
    mkdir -p smista
    youtube-dl -i –extract-audio –audio-format mp3 –output “smista/%(title)s.%(ext)s” –cache-dir=/tmp $PLAYLIST > /dev/null

    echo ==================================
    echo Downloaded files (“./smista”):
    echo ==================================
    ls smista/*.mp3
    echo =======================
    echo Download completed !

    read -p “Press [Enter] key to open webpage…”
    /Applications/Google Chrome $PLAYLIST
    echo All Done  !

Steps to save songs to download:

  • Search for songs/playelist with the music you like. For music only, add the “lyrics” word to save bandwith and filter to get high quality HD videos. Play the song for a few second to check if the quality is high
  • Add the video into a specific private youtube playlist


  1. launch the SH script create above, it will download the videos into the directory, and then open the chrome webpage where you can remove the videos from the playlist (so that they won’t be downloaded)
  2. rename MP3 files if you want
  3. Sync them into your phone (if you use folderSync or Dropsync to sync dirs from Dropbox to your android phone

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