Write your latin accents with ALT keys

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 16.09.52Are you Italian or Spanish or French working in a foreign country with an English keyboard ? Watch out your accents !
In Italian, é and è are both used and mixing them up is a mistake.
In Spanish, ñ cannot be replaced with a n, año and ano have different meaning (don’t confuse them) 😀

Your keyboard won’t have the accents you need, but you can press and hold the left ALT key while using the numeric pad to insert the symbols/letters you need

ALT + 164 = ñ (tengo 30 años)
ALT + 138 = è (italian verb. la casa è verde)
ALT + 141 = ì (Forlì is an italian City)

ALT + 130 = é (with an English extended keyboard, you can write it with right ALT + e as well)
ALT + 160 = á

Other symbols and accents here

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